Amy Leigh Prosser was born on February 6, 1989 in Tulsa, Oklahoma to David and Patricia Brock. She is the proud middle child of a couple brothers and a sister whom she considers to be some of her closest friends in life.

Amy's childhood consisted of countless hours preparing for swim competitions, house hunting with her mom, family time, playing "mommy" and dreaming about ways to love on those less fortunate. As a teenager, her cheerful confidence and strong work ethic grew and won over the hearts and trust of many. Her schedule remained full while managing an ice cream parlor, serving in church, traveling for outreach, competitive swimming, nannying and finishing high school a year early.

At eighteen, Amy purchased her first bank owned house [with savings from years of babysitting and hard work] and turned it into a doll house; with the expertise and help of her supportive parents. This risky endeavor set in motion her love to dream, design and beautify all things home. Soon after, she met and married the love of her life, Ian. They became a powerful team in more ways than one, and as they say "the rest is history." 

Her life today surprisingly parallels the life she lived from an early age; fast paced yet present, resolute yet flexible and hard working yet easy going. She was born ready for anything she wanted to pursue in life, both personally and professionally. Her outside-the-box mindset, self motivation, determination and drive, adaptability and compassion was noticed early on, and has never wavered.

Amy's day consists of running multiple businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She loves her daily respite time to work out, soak in her hot tub, read a good book [anything psychology!] or watch her favorite TV shows, but her most enjoyable is dinner and quality hang time with her husband [especially when he is doing the cooking.] She loves to travel as often as possible and treasures good times with family and close friends. Amy is currently living out one of her childhood dreams to care for orphans and widows around the world through her partnership with an incredible organization, Project Orphans.

If you know Amy today as realtor, designer, renovator or boss, you've probably become a friend and witnessed first hand her commitment to family and each person she meets. With her relentless desire and ability to work hard, play well, serve freely, and give generously, it's fair to say every time you are with Amy she will leave you with a little piece of her heart.

Ian Michael Prosser was born on February 6, 1978 in Perryton, Texas. As an only child of a single mother, life didn't begin so easily for him. Many of the childhood challenges he faced seem to have quietly motivated him to always pursue a better life.

At eighteen, he left home and began the journey to find his own way. He dreamed of happiness, deeper purpose and finding his future "soulmate". He supported himself for many years by waiting tables. After years of hard work, life experience, and definitely the school of hard knocks; he rose through the ranks to fine dining management at Flemings steakhouse. His open mindedness, communication skills and natural ability to relate to a wide variety of people made him quite an effective manager.

Ian's eye for the finer things in life caught sight of a girl named Amy, who would soon fulfill his dream and become his wife and best friend. He was welcomed into her family with open arms. Ian quickly became an integral part; sharing in countless hours of conversation, vacation adventures and one-of-a kind connections.

Needless to say, Ian was writing a new chapter for himself. It wasn't long before the love Amy had for remodeling, real estate and flexible scheduling began to have its influence on Ian. With his natural instinct for the unconventional and gifted mechanical skills, a career change seemed fitting... along with the fact that he would do anything to lock down more time with his new wife. 

Ian's commitment to excellence in every way, from quality workmanship to creative solutions is a force to be reckoned with. His honesty, transparency and loyalty constantly challenges those around him to be better, do better and listen more. He loves to help people and is known for "saving the day" when a neighbor or friend can't figure out how to fix something. Although an introvert by nature and a genuine homebody, he is the first to shock you with his life of the party antics, unique insight and genuine hospitality.He loves to generously support anyone that is in need. 

He is hilarious, sensitive and complex. His sarcasm and banter is constantly dancing on the line. He loves nothing more than timeless snuggles on the couch with his girl. He is passionate about music, movies, working out, steak dinners, fine wine, guys night, magic the gathering, relaxing and supporting his wife's dreams at all costs.  

"Ian is everything good in this world, and you want to get to know him. He is my anomaly, my other half and my greatest supporter," says Amy.