Amy & Ian are the ideal yin & yang bringing curated design and full service general contractor amenities to Oklahoma. Watching a husband & wife team work together is rare form, but these two pull off the impossible daily. Ian and his crews make quick work of the physical tasks at hand. Ian is the type of guy you need on your team to think through the tough issues you run across during every renovation. Design services weren’t part of our original plan; but after budgeting we recognized that we were making a major investment in our property and we needed the results to be worth the cost. Bringing Amy on was one of the best decisions we could have made as she spent many hours piecing together all of the materials and colors to make our space magazine-worthy. The trust Amy & Ian instill in your project is amazing, when they say something will be done, it will be. We never had to worry about their labor or trades; they treated our project as a home rather than just another construction site. When you find someonw who does so many things well, you simply cannot wait to talk about it and refer them to everyone you know. This is exactly the case with AMIAN Home Renovations. When we asked what makes her business successful, Amy said “It is simply amazing what you can accomplish by doing what you promise, when you promise, at the price you promise.” This is exactly the kind of company a community becomes excited to employ, and we were lucky to have met them.
— Brian + Ericka L.